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Always Look on The Bright Side of Life

Have you ever wondered how the world would look like if life could offer same opportunities to all? And ethnicity, religion, wealth or physical appearance would not differentiate us?


Those who are lucky enough to be born in a family, to have friends, to have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday often don't know how lucky they are.

Those who are not so lucky to be born in a family, to have beloved ones or to eat when they get hungry often don't realise how difficult life situation they have.


More equal world

Community Goodwill aims to connect these people in order to create a more equal world. I am lucky enough to have those who believe in me and take part in this transcontinental mission!

Community Goodwill 旨在把愿意帮助和需要帮助的两组人联系在一起,让这个世界变得更加公平。 我很幸运,因为有很多人相信我,愿意参加这个跨越各大洲的使命。

I am pleased to announce that Cindy Bao makes every effort to support CoGoodwill in order to help children in China. She has been supporting children all her life and now she feels we can help more children in the future thanks to CoGoodwill. 

我也很高兴地宣布,Cindy Bao为了帮助中国的小孩,愿意支持CoGoodwill的慈善事业。 Cindy Bao一直以来都在帮助有需要的孩子们,现在她觉得和Cogoodwill的合作让她能够在未来有机会帮助更多的孩子们。

Whatever the future brings, whatever happens:

Always Look on The Bright Side of Life! 




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