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A Second Life for Little Treasures 🎈

Sometimes the things we no longer need can become someone else's treasure. In the spirit of generosity, a closed nursery school decided to give away its furniture, toys, little chairs and tables, turning a moment of closure into an opportunity to spread joy.

Treasures like Toys, Books and Tiny Tables: A Perfect Match 🧸

Cue the magic: Our organization identified a nursery school in need, and, with open hearts, the donation found a new home. The joy these items brought to the faces of the children at their new nursery is simply indescribable. We received this letter from the receiving institution:

"We accepted the donation with great pleasure, and I would like to inform you with even greater pleasure that the many beautiful pieces of furniture, toys, shelves, trampolines, children's houses, and puppet theaters have found their new home.
As the director of the Bischitz Johanna Human Services Center, please accept my heartfelt thanks on behalf of my colleagues and the children entrusted to our care.
Best regards:
On behalf of the director, Tünde Farkas,
Andrea Szopkó-Tóth, Executive Assistant



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