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Croatia, Serbia, Hungary

With our packages, we helped many people living in difficult situations. Our partner, the Evangelical Friends Church gave away the packages with the supervision of Antal Frei. People were so pleased when they received them. Everyone had the opportunity to choose. In addition, they could even help their neighbors.

They visited families in Vardarac, Croatia. In Serbia, they went to Bački Monoštor.

In the southern part of Hungary, they met families living in deep poverty in the cities of Kölked and Ozora.

"Let our hearts touch far horizons. 
Let our love know no borders, 
Draw the Circles wide until, 
No one stands alone." 
/Gordon Lightfoot/

Check these photos and smile with us!

We receive many requests for help. We would be very grateful if more and more people would join us as supporters. You can offer us material donations and pro bono help on Facebook. If you could do something good as an individual or a company, you can apply on our Take Action page. If you want to contribute financially to our social work, you can visit our Support page.

We look forward to all kinds of help because together we can do more good!


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