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Ukraine - Transcarpathia

Due to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, we teamed up to support families in distress with donations. Many people stepped in to help these families.

We are pleased to inform everyone that the donation has arrived safely in Nagybereg / Velyki Berehy. We delivered more than 1 ton of donated items: hygiene items, sugar, flour, rice, dry pasta, canned ready meals, liquid soap, diapers, clothes, shoes, bedding, blankets, quilts, etc.

On the spot, János Urszta, the mayor of Nagybereg / Velyki Berehy, thanked everyone for the help and expressed his gratitude.

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to this with their financial support, material donation, or pro bono work:

Szilvia Pistár, Krisztina Kárász and her family, Corporate Finance in Europe, Emese Balázs, Edina Zenics-Lőrinc, Ádám Lipták, Steven Sudy, Barbara Sipos, Viktoria Gavrilov, Ella Kapsomun, Bálint Magyar, Nóra Nádházi, Márta Bálint, Péter György, Cynthia Földy, Andrea Keresztesi, Péter Lovas, Tibor Billwachs, Balázs Morvai.

We want to highlight Péter Lovas and Tibor Billwachs who committed to delivering these donations to Transcarpathia, despite the fact that this road was both physically and emotionally difficult.

"The greatest good is what we do for one another."
/Mother Teresa/

You are welcome to look at these photos:


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