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🎁 A Symphony of Generosity: Spreading Joy with Personalized Packages 🎁

At 1CEBA - First Central European Benefit Association the spirit of giving knows no bounds. This heartfelt journey began when one extraordinary employee indicated to give a helping hand to a child living in poverty in Slovakia. Little did we know, this gesture would spark a chain reaction of kindness.

🌈 From One to Many: A Ripple of Generosity 🌈

This amazing colleague shared the story within the company. The news reached the ears of the owner who, inspired by the act of kindness, decided to amplify the impact. Together, they created ten packages for the children in need.

🎁 Carefully Curated Gifts with Love 🎁

With a list detailing each child's preferences – from clothing sizes to their favorite toys, sweets, and books – they ensured that the packages were tailor-made to bring smiles. Thanks to the collective effort, these packages included new clothes, shoes, sweets, toys, and books for all 10 children.

🤝 Partnering for a Purpose: Delivering Joy to Tomasovce 🤝

Our collaboration reached across borders, and we delivered these heartwarming packages directly to the mayor of Tomasovce, Slovakia. The mayor Ferenc Lakatos, embodying the true spirit of community, personally visited each child, ensuring that the gifts were received with warmth and joy.

🙏 Gratitude for a Team That Cares 🙏

To the exceptional colleague, Szilvia Schmidt, who initiated this journey, the owner, Réka Török, who expanded the vision, and every team member who contributed, thank you. Your generosity has not only made a difference in the lives of these children but has also created a lasting impact on our collective spirit.


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