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Do You Want to Take Part in Making a World of Difference?

If yes, please let me know and I will tell you how you can!

As I believe in people and not in business cards, I would like to connect with people around the world who would like to contribute to a better and happier world!

About CoGoodwill

CoGoodwill connects people who are in need of help with people who want to help and provides a platform where you are able to read real life stories of people in need, and decide whether you want to support them or not. Furthermore you can follow their stories to see what happened to them after your contribution. This is how CoGoodwill creates a more personalised way of giving and makes people feel better!

As CoGoodwill will be launched in November 2015, now we are searching for Partners and Ambassadors all over the world:


Foundations, organisations, charity services which are facing lack of support and are not able to solve their people's problems completely;


People who are eager to help other people and are in contact with potential Partners to recommend.

So if You Want to Take Part in Making a World of Difference...

Please feel free to contact me if:

  • you have any organisation or foundation in mind to recommend;

  • and/or you are eager to help other people and make their life easier;

  • and/or you are open to share your opinion regarding social problems in your country;

  • or you know someone who I just described above, please share this post...

Because I know: every single step we take makes a huge difference in someone's life.

I know because I could see...

I could see when I was visiting a squatter area in Szepsi, Slovakia in June 2015 what I will visit on 15th October again. I could see I worked with volunteers in order to collect, wrap and give away thousands of Christmas presents to children in shelther houses, hospitals, orphanages regarding GOOD2GIVE in 2014 what I will organise this year too.

The time is now. Be part of the change!

Join Community Goodwill and let's build a better world together!

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