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Surprise packages for kids

In Hajdú-Bihar county, Hungary we surprised children and families with donations of fruits and sweets! We can thank Zoltán Tóth for the generous donation, for which we are very grateful.

Let us show the thanks of Ibolya Szalai, the curator of the SZETA Temporary Home for Families in Debrecen.

"On behalf of the staff of SZETA Temporary Home for Families in Debrecen and the families living in the institution, I would like to thank you for your generous and selfless help.
Thank you as an organizer, mediator, and generous donor, Zoltán Tóth, whose donation made this joyful surprise possible for families, especially children. I hope the childish smiles on the pictures reflect the joy of the children, and I can boldly describe that these packages managed to surprise them. In difficult times for all of us, donations may have an even more significant role and impact, as thanks to these moments, we feel that we are not alone. It is noticeably important for those families in difficult situations, abused mothers, and their children, whose family and friendships are very narrow, and they cannot count on help and support from there.
So nice to experience the feeling of Good to Give, but at the same time, we saw how much fun it was for the children to receive the surprise package.
"Love is the only thing that grows when it is given away abundantly." 
/ Victor Hugo /

I wish you much success and perseverance in your further work!
Thanks and regards: Erika Szalai Ibolya, Debrecen SZETA, curator"

We recommend the SZETA Foundation especially to the people of Debrecen, Hungary! The opportunity to offer 1% of the tax has come again!

If you haven't already done so, don't forget to decide it, and this time let us help the work of the SZETA Foundation:

4025 Debrecen, Barna u. 18.


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