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We visited preschool and schoolchildren in Hungary

We travelled to Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. In the town of Szendrőlád, we met Adam Misley, who connected us with the preschool and schoolchildren there. Our packages contained delicacies for young and old alike. Everyone received fruits to have something healthy in the packs, in addition to sweets and snacks. We can thank Zoltán Tóth for the funding. We could manage to accomplish this and make smiles on the faces of more than 57 children.

We were so pleased to have the opportunity to meet Adam again, and through him, we could surprise so many children with our packages. The pictures show how happy they were!

The kindergarten teacher, looking through the packages, advised eating just a little of the delicacies now; otherwise, the parents wouldn't be able to handle the kids at home.

We receive many requests for help. We would be very grateful if more and more people would join us as supporters. You can offer us material donations and pro bono help on Facebook. If you could do something good as an individual or a company, you can apply on our Take Action page. If you want to contribute financially to our social work, you can visit our Support page.

We look forward to all kinds of help because together we can do more good!


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