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Mother of Six Children Died

It was with the saddest regret that we announced the death of Katalin, Istvanne Sipos, on August 9, 2016, after a long battle with cancer in Tápióbicske, Hungary. She was the wife of Istvan Sipos and the mother of 6 children: Katalin, Richard, Krisztin, Mark, Nikolett and their new-born.

We asked you to support the surviving parent, Istvan, in order that he could afford all the costs he was facing due to the funeral service and the start of school. The children need help to cope with their grief, therefore we are searching for child psychologists who might work with them voluntarily because we all know how difficult is to lose someone we love so much...

Huge thanks...

We would like to share how grateful we are for all your support in such a tragic moment of Sipos family's life. We would like to take the opportunity and mention you personally to show who contributed to their lives. Thank you for your financial support, Jorge Pizzaro!

Thank you for your non-financial support: Zsuzsa Hajósi, Katalin Hajósi, Viktória Zöld, Andi Koleszár Szécsi, Katalin Varga, Márta Bálint.

Zoltán Hornyák, thanks for offering your services and helping us deliver all the received items.

Received gifts

• exercise books • toys • pens • pencils coloured pencils • rubbers • clothes

Thank you all for being so generous and came to help after hearing this sad news.


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