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Homeless people were grateful

Goodbye, 2021! We will continue working hard to boost shared prosperity and bridge the gap between people, companies who want to help; and organizations and people in need who cannot make their voices heard.

Today is the last day of 2021. We would like to end this year with good news.

Homeless people were so happy and grateful to receive durable food donations: canned food, oil, rice, flour, salt, sugar, tea thanks to our donors: Linda Sallai and her friends, Julianna Mária Jaksa, Priszcilla Varnagy, and Zoltan Garami. They contributed to more than 60 durable food packages.

Have a look at some smiling faces at Fedel Nelkul Homeless Magazine's editorial office:

We would appreciate it if more and more people would join us as supporters. You can offer us material donations and pro bono help on Facebook. If you could do something good as an individual or a company, you can apply on our Take Action page. If you want to contribute financially to our social work, you can visit our Support page.

We look forward to your support in 2022 too!

Together we can do more good!


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