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Deloitte supported three nonprofits

Deloitte's technology consultancy department has been brought together and raised more than 100,000 HUF! They did this to help the families and children of three different institutions with school supplies!

Within Deloitte's walls, huge thanks to Tamás Farkas, Senior Consultant, who coordinated the fundraising with careful attention and assisted in sorting and delivering donations. We delivered everything that organizations had marked to have a great help for children there.

We went to Csömör, Hungary, and visited the SZERA Foundation's families, in Budapest, the Menedékház Foundation, and in Tapiobicske, the Youth Talent Centre of the Melegszív Association. Kids welcomed a range of stationery, paper, booklets, pencils, and water paint. Thanks to this donation, many children gathered for an afternoon drawing workshop. In the pictures, it seems to be a great success! :)

Tápióbicske, Youth Talent Centre, Melegszív Association, Hungary

Csömör, SZERA Foundation, Hungary

Budapest, Menedékház Foundation, Hungary

We receive many requests for help. We would be very grateful if more and more people would join us as supporters. You can offer us material donations and pro bono help on Facebook. If you could do something good as an individual or a company, you can apply on our Take Action page. If you want to contribute financially to our social work, you can visit our Support page.

We look forward to all kinds of help because together we can do more good!


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