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Children with leukemia and hemophilia smiling

Christmas has arrived this year as well. Now it is very different than it was before. After the vicissitudes of the coronavirus, the energy crisis also reached Europe. Thus, the power of unity became even more essential. The price of fuel, food, toys, and almost everything went up. Inflation is not stagnant. In our opinion, we did not experience such difficulties even during the 2008 financial crisis.

We believe that we meet good-hearted people these times. Even in such circumstances, some enthusiastic helpers think about people in more demanding situations than themselves.

We want to thank the LG Hungary team, who made the Christmas of 27 children with leukemia and hemophilia more beautiful within the Leukemia Children's Foundation by fulfilling their wishes.

Please have a look at these lovely pictures!

A girl is going to start her 6th and last chemotherapy treatment after the Holidays. We wish her and all the little patients great strength for recovery!

We wish all of you a peaceful and happy Christmas! If you can, think today of those celebrating in more modest circumstances or who cannot enjoy the holiday 100% due to illness.

Together, we can achieve more even if we help our family, friends, or others in a larger group. Every day we can create a little better world for ourselves and others.

We say goodbye with the thoughts of Dr. Joe Dispenza:

"The same thoughts lead to the same choices which lead to the same behaviors which lead to the same emotions, which all lead to the same predictable future. The same events in our future reality are creating the same predictable emotions for us all the time. And as a result, we’re feeling the same every day. Our yesterday becomes our tomorrow—so in truth, our past is our future. If we want to create a new personal reality—a new life—we must begin to examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we’ve been living by, and change them.
We must become conscious of the unconscious behaviors we’ve been choosing to demonstrate that have led to the same experiences, and then we must make new choices, take new actions, and create new experiences.
New choices should lead to new behaviors. New behaviors should lead to new experiences. New experiences should create new emotions, and new emotions and feelings should inspire us to think in new ways.
That’s called “evolution."


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