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Children living in deep poverty were surprised too

We are happy to share that we surprised children living in deep poverty in Pest county, Hungary with our packages. The packages included apples, oranges, bananas, sweets, and biscuits!

Such donations are a great help to those living in difficult circumstances.

Thanks to the funding of Zoltán Tóth, this was possible. We hope that many more will follow in the footsteps of Zoltán Tóth and help others in this way.

In addition to fruits and snacks, Tibor Billwachs supported the children to unleash their creative side in the Foglalkoztató Ház (Youth Talent Centre) in Tápióbicske, Hungary. Tibor also brought colored pencils, felt-tip pens, exercise books, erasers, paper, and other stationery to get to know the founders of Meleg Szív (Warm Heart) and visit the Youth Talent Centre. Thanks to Tibor, we didn’t have to spend fuel costs on this trip.

We receive many requests for help. We would be very grateful if more and more people would join us as supporters. You can offer us material donations and pro bono help on Facebook. If you could do something good as an individual or a company, you can apply on our Take Action page. If you want to contribute financially to our social work, you can visit our Support page.

We look forward to all kinds of help because together we can do more good!


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